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STRAAT Museum, Kunstenaarsbal 2023, Art Week Rotterdam

STRAAT x Kunstenaarsbal 2023

STRAAT was asked by the Kunstenaarsbal 2023 (Artists Ball) to select Rotterdam-based 4 artists to paint live during the official after party of Art Week Rotterdam. We chose the following names:

Tymon de Laat;

Dilk 1;

With Jeej;

Tuig Oma.

Aside from painting live at the Kunstenaarsbal, work on canvas by these artists will be shown during Art Week Rotterdam. This exhibition is on view from Wednesday, February 8th till Sunday, February 12th. The Kunstenaarsbal starts on Saturday, February 11th at 10 pm. There are still tickets available for the ball. You can get yours here.

Het Kunstenaarsbal is a unique event filled with fine arts, photography, performance, theater, audiovisual art and music. This event represents a celebratory get-together where people can get their dance on. By creating an accessible, informal atmosphere, it’s much easier for artists and visitors to connect and get to know each other better. The night-time context places the art and the way it’s experienced in a different light, where the party becomes an added value through the programming of media, art, electronic music and performance.

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