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Event calendar

A handy overview of upcoming STRAAT events. Including evening openings, STRAAT Gallery shows, artists painting live at STRAAT and more.

May 14th: Opening YARDBIRDS @ STRAAT Gallery

STRAAT is proud to announce YARDBIRDS v.01, a two-person exhibition at the STRAAT Gallery featuring artists Ottograph and YorkOne. This exhibition celebrates two Amsterdam-based artists that are relentlessly active mural makers, continuously adding to the living walls on the exterior of the STRAAT museum building at the famed NDSM-werf. The opening reception for YARDBIRDS v.01 is Saturday May 14th, 2022 from 5 to 9pm, and will feature refreshments and live DJ’s. The reception is open to the public and the artists will be in attendance.



STRAATSTUKKEN is hosted after hours and is dedicated to enriching your STRAAT experience through multiple performances, focusing on live music, dance and art. The very first edition will take place on Saturday, May 21st from 6PM - 11PM, with doors closing at 8.15PM. Artists Loradeniz, Lucinda Wessels, Laura Ketting and Mailman will take you on a unique journey through piano, vocals, modern dance, art and DJ set. Join us for this special evening, and experience STRAAT like never before.


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