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Event calendar

A handy overview of upcoming STRAAT events. Including evening openings, STRAAT Gallery shows, artists painting live at STRAAT and more.

Artists painting live at STRAAT

  • Studio Giftig: July 18th - August 1st
  • Dourone: August 3rd - August 7th
  • Galo: August 3rd - August 7th

August 18th - 28th: 

  • Kayla Mahaffey
  • Carlos Ramirez
  • FinDAC
  • Herakut
  • Young Jarus
  • Nespoon

Updated schedule coming soon

Opening reception STRAAT Gallery x Thinkspace

Saturday, August 20th. Featured artists: Kayla Mahaffey and Carlos Ramirez. The opening reception of the STRAAT Gallery x Thinkspace exhibition can be visited with a regular admission ticket

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