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STRAAT educatieprogramma

Educational program STRAAT

STRAAT offers several options when it comes to education. Aside from our own education packages, we can always cater to your institution’s specific wishes through a custom made program, including fitting assignments. 

Our program is suited to all levels and institutions:

  • Primary education: multiple programs for regular primary education as well as special primary education.
  • Secondary school/high school: vmbo, havo, vwo.
  • College and higher learning: mbo, hbo, wo. 

Graffiti and street art’s impact on art, fashion, design, advertising and culture at large is stronger than ever. Our educational program focuses on the development and rise of this art form as a modern-day art movement, also including our very own museum. We will take a closer look at the history through historical and modern artistic developments from a cultural and technical perspective (possibly adjusted to the specific wishes/direction of your educational institute). Students will be introduced to the phenomenon, and will be handed the proper context and information to get a deeper understanding of the culture.

What we offer


GENERAL INTRODUCTION STREET ART: the history and development of street art as a modern-day phenomenon. A general introduction on street art based on a historical explanation of the birth of the culture up to the current standings. / 90-120 min.

Can be combined with:

WORKSHOP GRAFFITI AND STREET ART: a class in which students will design letters/art themselves, based on the best international examples. / 90-120 min.

WORKSHOP TYPOGRAPHY: a class in which students focus on typography, inspired by certain subgenres within graffiti and street art. / 90-120 min.

MOVIE SESSION: students will watch a classic from the street art filmography and review it with your visiting lecturer. / 90-120 min.




THE SYMBOLIC PRODUCTION OF ART: what makes art art? - explained through the history and artification of graffiti and street art, and the so-called gatekeepers in the cultural field. / 90-120 min.


DUTCH MUSEUMS AS EARLY ADOPTERS: street art as a legitimate art form: the predecessors of STRAAT. What made Dutch museums Boijmans van Beuningen and Groninger Museum become the first big international museums to exhibit graffiti as art in 1983/1984? / 90-120 min.

Price: from € 350,-

Group size: Max ± 25

For more information, please send us an email via

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