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STRAAT educatie programma

Educational program

STRAAT offers different forms of education, such as guided tours, workshops, guest lectures and more, to different educational formats:

  • Primary school
  • Secondary school
  • MBO
  • Higher education

From Keith Haring to Banksy, street art has made tons of headlines in recent history. Its impact on art, fashion, design, advertising and culture at large is stronger than ever.

Above all, street art is self-expression. Developing your own style, technique and color palette is a big part of this art form. It's about sharing your emotions. At the same time, it’s about accepting the challenge to show the best version of yourself.

The story of street art also is an ultimate example of achieving success without sacrifices. The story of a subculture that has evolved from an underground youth culture to a museal art form.

Street art can be of great value in the development and stimulation of young people. It can inspire young people to share emotions, to find their own voice, and to develop conviction and self-confidence.

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"We had an amazing experience with STRAAT, in particular because of the language used to address our students"

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