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SHARED EXPERIENCE, Kayla Mahaffey, Kayla May, Carlos Ramirez, Thinkspace, Amsterdam


STRAAT is proud to announce SHARED EXPERIENCE, a two-person exhibition at STRAAT Gallery, featuring artists Kayla Mahaffey and Carlos Ramirez, co-hosted by Los Angeles-based Thinkspace Projects. 

This exhibition celebrates one of the gallery’s ongoing and long term aims; to show the diversity and popularity of our worldwide street art and graffiti culture.  

These two American artists, along with Thinkspace curator, Andrew Hosner, will be in attendance for the exhibition reception.

The opening reception for SHARED EXPERIENCE is Saturday August 20th, 2022 from 5-9 PM, and will feature refreshments and live DJ’s.

For those not able to attend the opening reception, the exhibition is on view through Sunday October 30th, 2022. 

The STRAAT Gallery, including the opening reception, can be visited with a general admission ticket to STRAAT

To make an appointment for a private tour and viewing, please contact Hyland Mather at


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