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Welcome to STRAAT

From Keith Haring to Banksy, street art has made tons of headlines in recent history. Its impact on art, fashion, design, advertising and culture at large is stronger than ever. 

Enter STRAAT: the museum for street art and graffiti. We aim to share our passion for this radical art movement with the public, showcasing some of the biggest names and upcoming talent from all over the world. STRAAT is a street art and graffiti museum for everyone, made possible by a dedicated team of enthusiasts. 

Our current exhibition displays more than 180 artworks by 170+ artists. The artworks were created on-site and most of these mind blowing visual experiences are as big as outdoor walls. As a museum, we provide the added value of context and information. Here’s your chance to get to know the stories that remain untold in the streets!

STRAAT resides in an 8000 m2 former warehouse on the NDSM wharf, both a national monument and the biggest outdoor playground for street art and graffiti in Amsterdam. We offer a total museal experience, as well as educational opportunities and guided tours to answer all your street art questions. Visiting our museum in Amsterdam is guaranteed to make you look at your surroundings with a refreshed pair of eyes.

We hope to see you soon!


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