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What is STRAAT Agency?

Street art is a living and active form of expression that isn't confined by museum walls. This is why STRAAT has created the agency as a service to connect our artists to the wider world.

STRAAT Agency offers a diverse range of services that all share the one aim of bringing the best of street art and graffiti to your world. STRAAT Museum showcases the possibilities of street art and now, with our STRAAT Agency, we can bring the artistry and magic of urban art to your home, work place, brand, event, community and school.

Our services

Art curation

Bring the spirit and energy of street art to your work environment or home with carefully selected originals or prints, innovative custom concepts, and optimal placements. All tailored to your goal, aesthetic direction, timeline, and budget, STRAAT Agency will curate and install works that create a unique and inspiring environment. We are also able to produce high-volume prints for commercial and hospitality venues as well as statement-piece installations. Bored of seeing the same thing day in day out? With our contractual loan agreement, you can have new work and displays put in your space on a quarterly basis.

Street art mural

Choose from our wide range of international and local street artists, muralists, design-orientated creatives, and graffiti artists to create a visual impact in your chosen space. With comprehensive mural management, handling everything from initial renderings and coordinating equipment rentals, STRAAT Agency will professionally arrange large scale installations for both commercial and residential settings.


straat agency, art curation
straat agency, company art

Artist and community collaboration

In consultation with our project manager, learning specialists and seasoned curators, we promise to deliver inclusive workshops designed for community members/stakeholders and learners (school groups) to feed into an impressive final design. Work directly with specialist artists as they create beautiful end products as well as support skill development and creativity through sharing the making process with your group. Choose from short- and long-term projects, be it a mural for a local community centre, a stage design for a school show or even a birthday party.

Corporate mural and street art campaign 

Have your marketing campaign stand out with a unique piece of street art. STRAAT Agency has access to a plethora of skilled artists with a wide range of styles and skills to portray your message in a unique way.Our project manager will work closely with your marketing team throughout the whole process from early sketches and concept development, to sample material submissions and progress photos, to final touch-ups on site, ensuring your aims and objectives are met.


straat agency, private commission

Private commissions

Bring the power of street art into your home, from graffiti and name tags for a child's bedroom to medium-sized external and internal wall design. Through careful consultation and planning we can find the right artist to give your home that personal street art flair. STRAAT Agency offers comprehensive mural management, handling everything from initial renderings and coordinating equipment rentals.

Live street art 

Have an event your guests would never forget with one of our event resident artists. Inspire your guests with a live installation, an interactive tagging wall or even personalised products for your guests by our skilled artists. 

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