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ABN AMRO: STRAAT’s main partner

ABN AMRO bank is STRAAT’s main partner. As a social partner, ABN AMRO joins STRAAT in our commitment to more artworks by and more visibility for female artists in the museum. ABN AMRO also supports STRAAT’s educational program to help young people broaden their view on the future.

Sponsorship is a way for ABN AMRO to help advance society when it comes to planet (sustainability) and people (equal opportunities for all). ABN AMRO wants to show the Netherlands it takes its social responsibilities as a bank and sponsor seriously. This mission perfectly matches the bank’s purpose: ‘Banking for better, for generations to come’. As a sponsor, ABN AMRO acts as an accelerating factor: “In close collaboration with our partners, ABN AMRO Bank is committed to advance equal opportunities and sustainability. We do this in Sports, Society, and Arts and Culture”, says Sander Bestevaar, Head of Partnerships, Events and Foundations.

Women in Street Art

Women in Street Art was the first project for which STRAAT and ABN AMRO joined forces.This campaign took place from February 22nd till May 28th, 2023.

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