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STRAAT museum café restaurant


Visit our STRAAT Cafe at any given moment for a drink and a snack. Our cafe is located on the 2nd and 3rd floor and offers a stunning view of our exhibition. STRAAT Cafe has the same opening hours as the STRAAT museum.

Would you like to celebrate or organize something at our STRAAT Cafe? Please send us an email.

STRAAT Cafe menu


Grilled chicken sandwich with jalapeño mayonnaise € 8,5

Smoked salmon with pickled onions and fresh herbs € 8,5

Hummus sandwich with grilled veggies € 8


Ham and cheese € 6,5

Mozzarella, tomato and pesto € 6,5

Pulled chicken and cheddar cheese € 7


Beef croquettes with farmers bread and mustard € 8,5

Oyster mushroom croquettes with farmers bread and mustard € 8,5

Funky Fries with pulled chicken, spring onion, crispy onions and wasabi mayonnaise € 8,5


Poffertjes - Dutch mini pancakes € 4,5

French Fries € 4

*Menu may differ slightly on the day of your visit. Additional options may be available. Our STRAAT Cafe also offers all kinds of sweets (pies, cookies, candy bars etc).

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