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Tymon de Laat

(The Netherlands, 1979)

Tymon de Laat painted a Cuban tobacco farmer from Viñales whom he photographed on his travels. Meeting and documenting humanity is a big part of his creative process. After meeting people, he paints them on walls around the world exchanging cultures. This is his way of reminding us that we’re all people living under one roof.

“Creating an artwork at STRAAT without a deadline gave me a chance to really challenge myself. Could I push the spray can and my own technical abilities to the very limit? The museal set-up allows everyone to study my work from up-close. I wanted to leave something behind that really showcases my technical abilities to the fullest.” / Tymon de Laat

Tymon at work for STRAAT

tymon de laat, melikepainting

STRAAT Studio Talks with Tymon de Laat

STRAAT Talks with Tymon de Laat

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