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STRAAT x David's Museum

STRAAT x David’s Museum

STRAAT has been deeply touched by the story of David’s Museum. David’s Museum is curated by David’s brother Jeroen. Due to an unfortunate accident beyond his control, David - who has a huge passion for street art - is currently severely disabled and suffers from major brain damage. Through art, Jeroen hopes to trigger his brother’s brain creativity once again, which is why he’s creating a museum at home. For this, he needs all the help the street art world can offer. We gladly seized the opportunity to support both David and Jeroen.

We gifted David and Jeroen a framed print by Davor Smoljan. We have received word it’s going to be placed in David’s bedroom. To learn more about David’s Museum and read the full story in their own words, head over to their Instagram page.

STRAAT x David's Museum
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