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STRAAT museum virtual tour

Take a virtual tour of STRAAT

STRAAT is proud to present a virtual tour of our museum made by photographer Alphons Nieuwenhuis. Our website visitors can now virtually take a tour through our museum. In order to do so, please use the following link: 

The virtual tour starts at the iconic portrait of Anne Frank by Eduardo Kobra. Plenty of people are still oblivious to the fact that there’s a giant museum hidden behind this facade, where visitors can discover over 150 works by the best international street artists. Do you want to plug STRAAT amongst your friends and family? We believe our virtual tour would come in mighty handy for such a mission!

By now, plenty of pictures of our museum are making their rounds, which nicely represents what STRAAT has to offer. But the virtual tour does an even better job. For the true full-on STRAAT experience you obviously need to visit our museum in person; click here to get your tickets!

For more Alphons Nieuwenhuis work, see

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