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Pieter ceizer, hope sculpture, museum quarter

STRAAT to showcase Ceizer’s HOPE

STRAAT is proud to announce that we’ll be showcasing Pieter Ceizer’s HOPE sculpture from June 8th. This work was on display at several locations in the Museum Quarter from September 10th, 2021, and will be a part of our exhibition for at least the upcoming six months.

Ceizer has a special connection with the Museum Square, the place where HOPE was first shown. It’s the place where he attended school swimming, and he witnessed first hand the legendary skate ramp being built. At that same skate ramp, Ceizer’s love for graffiti and typography was born. These days Ceizer lives and works in Paris, where he collaborates with brands such as Heineken, Uniqlo and Paris Saint-Germain.

Back in the Netherlands, Ceizer created a clothing line for the Van Gogh Museum in 2020. Through the Museum Quarter business association the idea was born to offer an opposing voice to the dark corona times through HOPE. “The artwork links to Robert Indiana’s work, the flowers refer to Andy Warhol, flower power’s joy and energy, the urge for freedom, a new model, consciousness, and a new beginning” says Ceizer. We’re honored this new beginning will be given a follow-up in STRAAT.

Pictures: Studio Ceizer

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