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STRAAT Gallery x The Jaunt: Wasted Rita & Tellas

STRAAT Gallery x The Jaunt

New sights, new cultures and new friendships can all be powerful catalysts for the creative process of an artist. Denmark-based project, The Jaunt brings all of these forms of inspiration together in a beautiful way.

STRAAT is proud to celebrate our global culture of street art and graffiti, and what better way to do that than to highlight a project like The Jaunt, which has sent more than 70 artists to international locations. STRAAT has invited The Jaunt to co-curate an exhibition in our dedicated gallery space, entitled ‘Out There Somewhere’. This exhibition is focused on two veterans of their ongoing program, Wasted Rita (Portugal) and Tellas (Italy). In tandem with the focus on these two artists, The Jaunt will also present an overview of their extensive print archive, featuring heavy hitters such as Cleon Peterson, Cody Hudson, Evan Hecox, Laura Berger, Tim Biskup and many more. With the world just starting to open up again, ‘Out There Somewhere’ is a perfect way to help get you inspired to go out, travel, and find new inspiration for yourself.

Wasted Rita STRAAT

Wasted Rita

The work of the Portuguese artist Wasted Rita explores her love-hate relationship with life and her surrounding world. Dubbing herself as a Natural Born Agent Provocateur, she likes to think, write and draw without filter, resulting in little gems of sarcastic wisdom, which reflect on an unconventional upbringing in a Catholic school. Rita was a participant in the highly touted Dismaland Project by Banksy.



The Italian artist Tellas is largely inspired by flora and foliage. Using abstract organic patterns, recognizable by a sophisticated aesthetic and a great attention to detail, Tellas creates poetic and meditative artworks. By juxtaposing his work directly into the urban context through his large-scale murals, Tellas reflects on the ties between humans and nature and the complex dynamics that blends us into a singular system.

The Jaunt

The Jaunt creates opportunities and possibilities for artists. Since its inception in 2013, The Jaunt has worked with over 70 artists on trips all over the world. The project allows artists to shape new experiences and find inspiration – not just during the confines of their trip, but a lasting inspiration that hopefully permeates their entire artistic practise.

Exhibition Info

The exhibition opens to the public on Friday June 25th, 2021, and will be open during regular museum hours. Admission to this special gallery exhibition is included in the price of STRAAT museum admission.

Additionally, STRAAT is offering 150 package tickets for €45, that include a museum ticket, plus a copy of The Jaunt full color monograph 324 page hardcover book documenting 40 trips from veteran artists of The Jaunt program.

The Jaunt founder, Jeroen Smeets, along with STRAAT Gallery curator, Hyland Mather, will be giving small private tours of the exhibition on Friday June 25th. For additional info or to RSVP for a private tour time please email Hyland Mather:

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