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Beats & Pieces, STRAAT, DJ Irwan

Beats & Pieces live with crowd

This Friday it’s finally happening! Beats & Pieces returns, and this time you can be there in person. After three successful online editions DJ Irwan, together with singer Rico Greene, is back at STRAAT to play his favorite records in between our humongous artworks. Our STRAAT Cafe will be serving tropical punch to spice up your dance moves.

Beats & Pieces, the block ‘party’ where music and art meet, is your way to close out the month with a bang! The former warehouse in which our museum resides, is located on a terrain that has a long history of music and festivals. The industrial feel of our building is perfect for carrying on this tradition and tasting the NDSM atmosphere. Enjoy the unique artworks in our beautiful museum while getting your dance and your drink on.

During Beats & Pieces, you’ll experience STRAAT like never before. No extra costs are charged for this evening, just book your tickets for the right time slot and be there!

STRAAT Beats & Pieces / June 25th / 6 pm - 10 pm /

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