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STRAAT Session presents: Kroonjuwelen Revisited, 15 years later

On March 11th, STRAAT Museum invites you to dive into the history of graffiti and street art in Amsterdam, a city long regarded as ‘Europe’s graffiti capital’.

Produced and directed by Stunned Film, Kroonjuwelen is a movie from 2006 that documents the Dutch graffiti scene development from 1978 to 2005 through rare video footage. By featuring interviews and action scenes with renowned local artists, the film covers the birth of graffiti out of the punk movement into the emergence of hip-hop culture, following the evolution of this art form into the art world. 


To celebrate the 15th anniversary of this legendary film, we are organizing a panel talk with leading characters from Kroonjuwelen to talk more about where the scene came from, how it was at the time of the documentary and how it is now, 15 years later. This session will take place in the museum and will be streamed live from our STRAAT Museum YouTube channel on March 11th at 6 pm (Dutch time). During our panel talk, we will also answer questions from the audience. So feel free to ask your questions through our social media, email or during the live streaming itself!


After that, the full movie - which has already been streamed in institutions such as the Tate Modern - is going to be available with English subtitles in our STRAAT Museum YouTube channel until March 18th. That way you can watch it at your preferred time. 


Diana Ozon

Regarded as a Dutch graffiti pioneer, Diana Ozon is a poet who has been deeply involved in literature, punk and graffiti since the late 1970s. Besides performing in the Netherlands and abroad, she is now also a guest teacher of poetry. Ozon has developed 13 collections of poetry, 2 novels and 2 sound carriers.


Old school Dutch graffiti writer ZAP is known as the ‘Tram king’, because in the 1980s his name could be found on almost every single tram of Amsterdam. ZAP also had a great time around the subways of the city, not only by tagging them, but also by performing his iconic ‘train surfing’. He now owns a record store in Amsterdam called ZAP Records.

Hugo Kaagman

Renowned as the ‘Dutch Stencil King’, Hugo Kaagman started his career during Amsterdam's punk movement, at the dawn of the Dutch graffiti and street art scenes. He created punk zines and used stencils to spray political messages. Today, his pieces are mostly painted in blue and white, evoking traditional Dutch Delftware. 

Erwin Bok

As part of Stunned Film crew, Erwin Bok is one of the initiators of Kroonjuwelen and was responsible for its storyline. The idea of producing this documentary emerged after the crew attended ‘Mokum Masters’, an event that reunited ‘Old School Amsterdam Graffiti Kings’. Nowadays, Bok continues working on Stunned, by managing online campaigns, video productions and strategic concepts.

We hope to see you during this memorable evening celebrating graffiti culture together!

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