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Artists painting live in STRAAT

Spring has started and that means we’ll once again be having more artists over to paint live in STRAAT. You can catch Nina Valkhoff live in action until Wednesday, April 12th (excluding the weekends) as part of our Women in Street Art project (read more on this project here). The participating artists of our STRAAT Gallery exhibition Indigenous Americans: Post Colonial Expressions (read more on this exhibition here) will also add a mural-size canvas to our permanent collection in the main hall.

  • Nina Valkhoff: March 22nd - April 12th
  • Kaplan Bunce: April 1st - April 8th
  • Danielle SeeWalker: April 3rd - April 8th
  • Jaque Fragua: April 3rd - April 8th
  • Anthony Garcia Sr.: April 5th - April 10th

You are more than welcome to witness their progress during these days.

*Dates may vary

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