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STRAAT x ABN AMRO present Women in Street Art

STRAAT x ABN AMRO present Women in Street Art

The street art scene consists mostly of men, but there are a lot of influential female artists as well. They have come a long way, which at times required a serious amount of guts. At STRAAT, we value diversity. We are committed to an honest representation of female artists in our collection.

ABN AMRO bank has been connected to STRAAT as our main partner since the beginning of 2023. As a sponsor in the cultural field, ABN AMRO has advocated a solution for the unequal representation of men and women in the art world for a while.

Women in Street Art is the first project that sees ABN AMRO and STRAAT join forces. STRAAT believes in a just representation of influential female artists in the collection. ABN AMRO helps STRAAT achieve this goal even faster, perfectly matching the bank’s sponsor strategy to facilitate equal opportunities for people and society. With this, we hope to also inspire future generations.

From February 22nd till May 28th 2023, STRAAT puts the spotlight on female artists with a presentation in our collection, and more.

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Accelerating factor

Sponsorship is a way for ABN AMRO to help advance society when it comes to planet (sustainability) and people (equal opportunities for all).

ABN AMRO wants to show the Netherlands it takes its social responsibilities as a bank and sponsor seriously. This mission perfectly matches the bank’s purpose: ‘Banking for better, for generations to come’. 

As a sponsor, ABN AMRO acts as an accelerating factor: “In close collaboration with our partners, ABN AMRO Bank is committed to advance equal opportunities and sustainability. We do this in Sports, Society, and Arts and Culture”, says Sander Bestevaar, Head of Partnerships, Events and Foundations.

“We believe in this collaboration because ABN AMRO draws attention to important social themes such as opportunity inequality and sustainability, and really tries to make a difference. At STRAAT, we’re working on similar topics. By joining forces, we can organize projects through which we’ll achieve more than operating solo.”

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