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Mando Marie

Take Me Down

Exhibition Dates: Sunday May 12th - Sunday June 23rd, 2024

Download the exhibition catalog here

STRAAT is pleased to announce the solo exhibition Take Me Down with artist Mando Marie (@seeyouthroughit)

Mando Marie (USA, 1981)

Rooted in her American upbringing and now firmly based in Europe, Mando divides her time between Amsterdam and her apple farm on Portugal's Silver Coast.

"Take Me Down, like many of my titles, like much of my work in general, is all about multiple meanings and feelings. To be ‘taken down a notch’ is humbling. To be ‘taken down’ to the beach is a nice afternoon. The richness of meaning in a single expression or image is something I’m always hunting for. The surface is always one thing, but the ideas and areas underneath need to be multiple, complex, and authentic." / Mando Marie

In a harmonious blend of urban edge and refined command, she seamlessly merges graphic stencil elements with painterly finesse, creating a visually complex language of timeless style.

Mando is known for her meticulous devotion to hand-drawn and hand-cut stencils. Vintage sewing patterns and twin imagery are hallmarks of her studio works.

Characterized by an instantly recognizable visual style, her works evoke youthful innocence with a ‘rights of passage’ sense of nuanced tension, bridging comfort with an eerie allure.

Operating under the online alias "seeyouthroughit," Mando is revered by peers and fine art audiences alike.

Take Me Down marks the first occasion of a solo exhibition by a female artist at STRAAT Gallery. This exhibition can be visited with a general admission ticket to STRAAT

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