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STRAAT Museum, Martha Cooper
STRAAT Museum, Martha Cooper

Wishing Martha Cooper a happy birthday!

Legendary photographer Martha Cooper is celebrating her 80th birthday today. A good moment to dwell on the irreplaceable role she has played in the documentation of both hiphop and graffiti and street art since the 70's. 

Martha (by artists affectionately called Marty) became famous when she published the book "Subway Art" with fellow photographer Henry Chalfant in 1984. This book is known to many as the 'The Bible of Graffiti', a book that changed it all for the graffiti scene worldwide. Nowadays many artists don't see their career as fulfilled without their work being captured by Martha Cooper herself. Iconic artists like Keith Haring, Dondi White and Os Gemeos all had the pleasure of being documented by the famous Martha Cooper. 

Martha Cooper is more than a photographer, she is also an important historian and archivist. For years, she has been collecting catalogues, photos and objects that span the evolution of street art. Without Martha Cooper, the street art world would not have been the same. We hope to keep enjoying her impressive positive energy for many more years to come!

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