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Wednesday March 8th: STRAAT Talks with Clandestinos

The STRAAT Talks series continues this Wednesday, March 8th, with Clandestinos. Our curator David Roos will speak with this colorful duo at 8 pm via Instagram live. You are encouraged to share your questions for David and Clandestinos via the comments. 

***UPDATE: watch STRAAT Talks with Clandestinos here***

Two visual storytellers individually known as Bruno Smoky and Shalak Attack started their journey together as Clandestinos in 2010. Together, they are dedicated to painting murals around the world by creating colorful narratives that unify both real and imaginary dimensions. Once they started painting together they found it difficult to stay away from each other, in art and as life partners. Would you like to learn more about Clandestinos? Then make sure you’re tuned in to our Instagram this Wednesday at 8!

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