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Urban Heritage / Dr. Rat special

June 29th, 2022 marked the 41st anniversary of the passing of one of Amsterdam’s most iconic graffiti artists of all time: Dr. Rat. Our friends at Dutch Graffiti Library pay homage to Dr. Rat with their latest release of Urban Heritage, a publication dedicated entirely to Ivar Vičs (Dr. Rat’s government name). By showcasing some unique material, it has become a fitting tribute to this essential character in Dutch graffiti history.

The Dr. Rat edition of Urban Heritage starts with an extensive introduction on Dr. Rat; his early youth, the context of the 1970s punk days in Amsterdam, his graffiti writing period, and his transition into a full-blown artist, which unfortunately was cut short due to his premature death. Furthermore, Dutch Graffiti Library spoke to Henriëtte Vičs, Dr. Rat’s mother, in April 2022, resulting in an interview published in quote form. An article on the recently restored last remaining Dr. Rat in the city of Amsterdam is included as well, and the initiators behind this project are also credited.

Urban Heritage Special D.D.T. 666 is available in the STRAAT museum shop.

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