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Unique selection of artworks available now

Currently there’s no exhibition on view at the STRAAT Gallery. Instead, we invite you to explore a selection of original artworks and signed prints from artists who have graced our past exhibitions. This showcase offers a diverse range of art pieces, making it the ideal destination for both art enthusiasts and unique gift hunters.

Among the impressive lineup featured in the STRAAT shop are celebrated artists like Shepard Fairey, Pure Evil, Cornbread, Cody Hudson, Evan Hecox, Ottograph, York One, Bisco Smith, Mando Marie, Lennard Schuurmans, Niels Shoe Meulman, and a host of other visionary creators. This diverse and dynamic selection promises a captivating blend of styles, ensuring there's something special for everyone to discover.

The artworks are available both online and in our museum shop. Explore the artworks here.

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