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The story behind our biggest canvas ever

On August 1st, the artwork Close to you, made by Studio Giftig, was revealed at STRAAT. It’s part of the Music & Murals project by Studio Giftig, with the life story of Eva Simons being the main source of inspiration. It’s the biggest canvas (7 x 15 m) ever painted at STRAAT. Close to you is included in our collection. 

In the online series Music x Murals, Studio Giftig finds inspiration in the repertoire of the biggest Dutch musicians. The murals are created in the artist’s or band’s hometown. Studio Giftig previously painted Di-rect in The Hague, Spinvis in Nieuwegein, Racoon in Goes, Typhoon, Sticks & Rico (Opgezwolle) in Zwolle and Fresku in Eindhoven

Want to learn more about Close to you and the story behind this ginormous artwork? Check out the video below.


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