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straat studio talks, nina valkhoff

STRAAT Studio Talks with Nina Valkhoff

STRAAT Studio Talks is back for 2023! In this series, we’re visiting artists from the STRAAT collection in their studio space. To kick things off for the new year, we took a trip to Rotterdam North to catch up with Nina Valkhoff.

Nina Valkhoff is an illustrator and muralist from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Making big mural paintings is her passion. She loves to cover her walls with plants and animals, especially with endangered species in order to make people aware of their existence, to show the beauty of these animals and to point out our selective love for the cute or more common animals.

Nina shared lovely stories on her artistic career, her studio space, and her recent time in STRAAT painting Lamento en la selva: “It was really exciting for me because I was able to make something with complete artistic freedom. Normally in my murals I make two animals, one main subject and then another animal. And here I was like, I'll do all the animals I want to make!” 

See the full video below:

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