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nina valkhoff, straat museum, street art

Nina Valkhoff

(The Netherlands, 1982)

Nina Valkhoff is an illustrator and muralist from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Making big mural paintings is her passion. She loves to cover her walls with plants and animals, especially with endangered species in order to make people aware of their existence, to show the beauty of these animals and to point out our selective love for the cute or more common animals.

“This is a cry for attention for endangered species, something that frequently returns in my work. In STRAAT, I could really take more time than I would normally do on outside walls, so relatively speaking there are a lot of protagonists in this artwork. I wanted to make some sort of Dutch Golden Age composition, but with animals. I also felt the freedom to go a bit more wild than I would normally do, which is why there is, amongst other things, an okapi licking its own eye.” / Nina Valkhoff

STRAAT Studio Talks with Nina Valkhoff

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