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STRAAT Studio Talks with Guido de Boer

We’re excited to share the second episode of this year’s STRAAT Studio Talks, featuring none other than Guido de Boer. We stopped by Guido’s studio to discuss his artistic journey, his work in our museum, and communicating with aliens… 

Guido’s studio is located in the heart of beautiful Utrecht, right above the art supplies store. As a visual artist Guido makes work that one can read, as well as texts that one can experience visually. His work is large, monumental, always handmade – freehand - with brush and ink. Still, there is a strong graphic design factor very much present in his work as well. He created this amazing artwork for our STRAAT collection.

“I come from a practice where I’m making letters - sometimes even for the sake of making letters, and I really love the shapes. But I also love the meaning, and I think I have a responsibility, not only towards the viewer, but also towards my own process.” / Guido de Boer

STRAAT Studio Talks S2 ep2 is out now for your viewing pleasure!

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