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STRAAT Studio Talks / Episode 4: Studio ZEPA

The fourth episode of our STRAAT Studio Talks series, featuring Studio ZEPA, is out now! 

We hit the road once more, this time to head down to Scheveningen. We had a lovely chat with Studio ZEPA in their studio, discussing art, life and their recent contribution to our STRAAT collection. We also made a stop at the Scheveningen beach to enjoy a giant Studio ZEPA wall on our way over. Join us for a behind-the-scenes look with this South African duo, known for their colorful art.

“I think globality is a big part of what’s behind our artwork. We like to communicate, coming from South Africa, there’s a lot of different shades within society. It’s necessary for our artwork to celebrate different cultures and to represent the beauty of the human race as one whole.” / Studio ZEPA

See the full video below:

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