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STRAAT Studio Talks / Episode 3: Tymon de Laat

STRAAT brings you the third installment of our STRAAT Studio Talks series, where we visit artists from our collection in their studio space. This new episode features Tymon de Laat, a man on a quest for freedom and quality of life, while simultaneously trying to spread a bit of humanity through his work. 

We visited Tymon in his studio in downtown Rotterdam to have a chat about art, life, traveling and painting Cuban subjects at STRAAT. Tymon’s studio is located across the street from Rotterdam Central Station, a perfect location for an artist whose travels are a big part of his work.

Be on the lookout for more episodes of our STRAAT Studio Talks, as we have tons of other artists to visit. You can rewatch the previous editions featuring FAKE and Wayne Horse via our YouTube channel - don’t forget to subscribe!

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