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STRAAT Studio Talks / Episode 2: Wayne Horse

STRAAT proudly presents the second installment of our STRAAT Studio Talks series. In this series, we’re visiting artists from our collection in their studio space. Episode 2 features none other than Wayne Horse (Galerie Droste/Harlan Levey Projects), the man who deems it necessary to (sometimes) get drunk at the studio to get closer to his subjects. 

We visited Wayne Horse in his studio in Amsterdam-Noord to have a chat about art, life, and painting blindfolded. Wayne’s studio is actually located in a well-known Amsterdam restaurant. And if that isn’t cool enough on its own, the restaurant setting is also perfectly suited to Wayne’s art and his subjects. Check out the video below to find out more.

Be on the lookout for more episodes of our STRAAT Studio Talks, as we have tons of other artists to visit. The first episode featuring FAKE can be watched here. Subscribe to our YouTube-channel now, and you're guaranteed to not miss out on the upcoming episodes!

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