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Las Fallas, STRAAT, Dulk, Valencia

STRAAT @ Las Fallas festival

STRAAT is in Valencia for Las Fallas festival. During Las Fallas, hundreds of sculpture artworks - the fallas -  are spread throughout Valencia. All fallas are burned during the last night of the festival. This is done to celebrate the arrival of spring. 

Las Fallas commemorates Saint Joseph, the saint of carpenters. In as early as the 15th century, carpenters would burn the wooden handles they used to hold up their lamps during wintertime. These days, the burning of the fallas takes place on La Cremà, March 19th, the closing day of the festival.

Dulk, Las Falles, 2022
Protegix allò que estimes coming together

In the last couple of years, the festival has also brought in well-known street artists from the Valencia region to contribute to Las Fallas. In 2019, PichiAvo had the chance to create the main falla. This year, the honor fell to Dulk, who created an artwork titled ‘Protegix allò que estimes’ (protect what you love). Due to the ephemeral nature of the artworks, Dulk has dropped a stunning print-run of the artwork as well.

Keep an eye on our socials for the final results of Dulk’s falla, as well as updates on his upcoming contribution to our STRAAT collection!


Pictures: Carlos Segura

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