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STRAAT, ABN AMRO, Hera of Herakut, Women in Street Art

STRAAT and ABN AMRO put the spotlight on female artists

Exciting news: ABN AMRO Bank is the main partner of our museum. We will join forces to work on projects regarding social themes: equal opportunities, sustainability and education. ABN AMRO helps STRAAT achieve this goal even faster, perfectly matching the bank’s sponsor strategy to facilitate equal opportunities for people and society.

Women in Street Art is the first specific project realized through this partnership. From February 22nd till May 28th, STRAAT will put the spotlight on female artists through a presentation in our collection and more. 

Guy-Georges Trigallez, our Managing Director, on the partnership with ABN AMRO: “We strongly believe in this collaboration, as ABN AMRO draws attention to important social themes such as opportunity inequality and sustainability, and really tries to make a difference. Street art also often points out social issues, and at STRAAT, we’re also working on similar topics, so that’s where we found each other. By joining forces, we can put together projects through which we’ll achieve more than operating solo.”

Women in Street Art

Women in Street Art is the first project that sees ABN AMRO and STRAAT join forces. In a scene which mostly consists of men, there are plenty of influential female street artists, such as Lady Aiko, Nina Valkhoff and Mick La Rock (Mickey). STRAAT and main partner ABN AMRO together make a commitment to attention and visibility for female role models in street art, a gender-equal divide and opportunities, and more. ABN AMRO helps STRAAT achieve this goal even faster. In the eponymous exhibition Women in Street Art, on view from February 22nd till Sunday, May 28th, STRAAT honors these female role models. 

Sustainability and education

In October 2023, the theme sustainability will take center stage through new work by Spanish artist Antonio Segura Donat, also known as DULK, and more. In order to help underprivileged youth discover art we will also partner up with the ABN AMRO Foundation. 

About ABN AMRO Sponsoring

With ‘Banking for Better, for Generations to come” as its purpose, ABN AMRO uses sponsoring as a way to advance society. The bank takes its social responsibility seriously. This becomes apparent through multiple channels for planet (sustainability) and people (equal opportunities for all). When it comes to sponsoring, ABN AMRO aims to be an accelerating factor, by forming the right alliances and setting specific targets when it comes to sustainability and equal opportunities, whether it’s sports, society, or arts and culture. 

Pictures: Marco Buddingh

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