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STRAAT happy new year

How did our artists start 2022?

We thought it would be fun to share a nice overview of how some of our artists started the new year. Since you can’t come check out their work at the moment (*this article was first published when were still closed due to corona measures. We're totally back now!), we want to bring their work to you. Find out who has been rocking new murals, sharing new work, promoting exhibitions and collaborations, and saving puppies! 

Outdoor walls and murals

Several STRAAT artists started the year with new murals. The Ox Alien one is located just outside our museum at the iconic NDSM hall of fame. Feast your eyes on some fire by powerhouses such as:

Adele Renault




Ox Alien


Cix Mugre

New work

Even more STRAAT artists started 2022 by sharing new work, all of them dropping heat. Check out new woodcut work, pendant lights and several stunning canvasses by the likes of:







Carl Kenz

Sidney Waerts


Davor Smoljan

Klaas Lageweg

Nuno Viegas


Street Art Frankey

Current and upcoming shows

With everything that’s going on, we’re glad to see plenty of STRAAT artists still sharing current and upcoming shows with the world. This goes for: 

Nase POP



Alice Pasquini

David Shillinglaw

Collaborations, homages and puppies

Binho, Monkeybird and Dan Kitchener discuss exciting collaborations with brands such as Pabst Blue Ribbon and even Hermes. Guido de Boer added a bit of style to a company office, while Cornbread touches on both his STRAAT Gallery exhibit as well as a homage painted on the outside of our building. Finally, Joram Roukes tells a touching story of saving puppies and helping an animal shelter with Peta, giving us that bit of hope we need for the new year!

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