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interactive graffiti, ar art
interactive graffiti, ar art

AR Graffiti: behind the scenes with WERC Collective

We recently added a unique piece of art to our STRAAT collection: AR Graffiti by WERC Collective. In the video below, you can see AR Graffiti making its transfer from the Groninger Museum, its original home, to STRAAT, its home for the foreseeable future. Enjoy the behind the scenes footage of AR Graffiti being put together, including a few technical words from the WERC crew. 

AR Graffiti is an interactive installation that combines graffiti art with animation and projection, together creating an augmented reality (AR) artwork. With AR Graffiti, various graffiti components are brought to life by projecting different digital layers on top of painted graffiti elements.

The outline of the graffiti piece forms the basis of this installation. The outline consists of four letters: WERC. Each letter has four elements: background, 3D, fill-in and add-on. These elements are painted on the wall in different shades of gray. The graffiti elements of AR Graffiti are painted with electrically conductive paint. By touching one of the details with your hand, you trigger the video projection, which causes the image of AR Graffiti to change. 

Come see for yourself: check out the video below and experience AR Graffiti at STRAAT!

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