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straat, agency, tenways, r/hood, bomba, CGO 009, e-bike


bomba, tenways, straat, CGO 009, e-bike


TENWAYS are a group of cycle enthusiasts and experts in the bike trade who are obsessed with building a greener and more sustainable world through a community of e-bikers. TENWAYS came to STRAAT, as they wanted to engage young Dutch urban artists in creating imagery for a campaign for their new CGO 009 e-bike.

R/HOOD, a London-based distinguished cultural platform, played a key role in connecting STRAAT and TENWAYS, and ultimately art and design duo Bomba. R/HOOD champions innovative projects that redefine cultural expression.


Art and design duo Bomba were chosen for this project as they are heavily interested in the notion of the public space as a constant source of inspiration. They translate this inspiration into bold playful images in prints, paintings, commissioned designs and mural work.


STRAAT Agency delivered three elements to the TENWAYS CGO 009 marketing campaign, showcasing the different ways street art can energize and inspire brands and their audiences.

bomba, tenways, straat, CGO 009, e-bike

Part 1

Bomba were challenged to visualize the ‘Unlocking of the joy’ that comes with riding a TENWAYS e-bike, as well as highlighting the importance of saying yes to a greener and cleaner future. They started by using and playing with TENWAYS new CGO 009. Through this exploration and play, Bomba realized that journeys are not just about getting from point A to point B. The piece they created at STRAAT captured the joy in between, depicting emotions, nature and fun. The artwork ‘Wheelies’ celebrates the importance of the journey rather than just the destination. This artwork was used as the base of TENWAYS’ marketing campaign which is visible in OOH marketing, online marketing and on an Amsterdam tram.

bomba, tenways, straat, CGO 009, e-bike
tenways, tram

Part 2

TENWAYS and R/HOOD initially came to STRAAT Agency as they wanted to capture the energy of street art in their campaign. Customization is a big part of street culture and when Bomba first saw TENWAYS new CGO 009 e-bike, they saw a blank canvas to express their experiences and the feelings they initially felt when playing with the bike. The customized e-bike brought energy not only to the marketing campaign but also to the TENWAYS Launch party where the bike was the star of the event, with guests cueing up to get a photo with the bike, as well as the original artwork.

Part 3

In addition to the sourcing and management of the artists for this campaign, STRAAT Agency also contributed to the visual elements for TENWAYS’ launch party at A’dam Toren with creation of stage dressing, banners, decoration and a photo booth.

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