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Gigantische flamingo in STRAAT Museum vestigt aandacht op klimaatverandering

Gigantic flamingo at STRAAT Museum draws attention to climate change

Amsterdam, October 12, 2023

Starting from October 13, 2023, the STRAAT Museum in Amsterdam presents the Urban Artivism exhibition. This walking route, suitable for all ages, spans the entire museum and showcases 15 artworks from the STRAAT collection that raise awareness about climate change. The highlight of the exhibition is the massive 7-meter-high flamingo installation created by the famous Spanish street artist and 'artivist,' Dulk, a new addition to the museum's permanent collection. With this artwork, Dulk brings attention to the endangered habitats of flamingos worldwide, particularly in the Albufera Nature Park near Valencia, Spain. Urban Artivism is the second project realized by STRAAT under the sponsorship of ABN AMRO.

Dulk on his flamingo installation: "From a young age, I have been deeply concerned about the environment and consider nature our greatest treasure. Guided by the idea 'Protect what you love,' I see it as my mission to create art projects that raise awareness for ecosystem conservation. With this installation for the STRAAT Museum, I specifically draw attention to the endangered habitats of flamingos worldwide, particularly in the Albufera Nature Park near Valencia. The issue with 'wetlands' is that they have less water every day due to drought caused by climate change. Increasing pollution makes it nearly impossible for these beautiful, wild creatures to survive. To highlight this issue, I confront visitors with two different worlds: one that we see (a pink flamingo with its head underwater searching for food) and one that we'd rather not see (the debris floating under the water)."

Walking route for all ages

Climate change is also the central theme of the walking route, guiding visitors past 15 artworks aimed at creating environmental awareness. Painted symbols on the floor lead visitors on an exploration through the museum. A special audio tour provides information about the artists and various 'problematic' facts to enhance environmental consciousness. At the end of their visit, children can collect coloring pages created by Dulk from the museum shop. Information pillars in the museum further highlight various activist stories and important milestones in the history of graffiti and street art.

About Dulk

Antonio Segura (artist name Dulk), born in 1983, is one of the most prominent street artists from Valencia, Spain. He began his career with street art and murals but continues to reinvent himself by constantly exploring new media, including drawing, sculpture, and photography. Dulk is known for his portraits of endangered species. Through sculpture, installations, and painting, we witness his unique version of a menagerie of creatures remarkably evolving to prevent the conquest or loss of their habitat, as environmental stressors caused by climate change are altering the evolution of many species. Dulk has exhibited his work in various locations, including his hometown Valencia, as well as in Rome, Los Angeles, Chicago, Vancouver, and Honolulu. He has also created a large number of graffiti works in more than 20 different countries.

Urban Artivism is on display at STRAAT from October 13, 2023, to January 28, 2024, at NDSM-Plein 1 in Amsterdam. For more information, visit or

About STRAAT Museum

STRAAT is the museum for street art and graffiti. In a massive warehouse on the NDSM site in Amsterdam, over 180 gigantic artworks are displayed. These artworks are created on-site by international artists. The collection is regularly expanded, providing visitors with the opportunity to see artists work live.

About ABN AMRO Sponsorship

Guided by the purpose 'Banking for Better, for Generations to come,' ABN AMRO utilizes sponsorship to contribute to society's advancement. The bank takes its social responsibility seriously, particularly in the areas of the planet (sustainability) and people (equal opportunities for all), through various channels. In sponsorship, ABN AMRO aims to be a catalyst by forming the right partnerships and setting concrete goals related to sustainability and equal opportunities, whether in sports, society, or arts and culture.

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