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Zurik graffiti art

Watch Zurik and Tellas paint live

This Wednesday, September 29th, you have the chance to witness the beauty of Zurik and Tellas painting live at STRAAT. Zurik will add the finishing touches to her 9 x 5 meter canvas, while Tellas will start his middle-sized canvas. If you ever wished to see some true artistic talents working live - whether starting or finishing their work -, then swing by STRAAT this Wednesday!

Zurik, born in Colombia and now residing in Barcelona, is known for her dynamic and colorful wildstyle graffiti, while pushing the boundaries of technical drawing. We have reserved a spot for her next to Treze, her life partner who unfortunately passed away in early 2018. 

The Italian artist Tellas is largely inspired by flora and foliage. Using abstract organic patterns, recognizable by a sophisticated aesthetic and a great attention to detail, Tellas creates poetic and meditative artworks. His canvas work is currently on show in our STRAAT Gallery x The Jaunt exhibition.


To see these masters of their craft working live, get your tickets here!

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