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Wednesday April 19th: STRAAT Talks with Jad El Khoury

Jad El Khoury is the next guest in our ongoing STRAAT Talks series, which returns on Wednesday, April 19th. David Roos, our curator, will speak with Jad at 7 pm CET via Instagram live. You are encouraged to share your questions for David and Jad via the comments.

***UPDATE: watch STRAAT Talks with Jad El Khoury here***

Through his public interventions, Jad El Khoury transforms memories of the Lebanese civil war into messages of hope. His main motivation is drawing attention to political and social issues. For STRAAT, he created the dynamic Care Portal -  a special part of our collection carefully explained here

To learn more about Jad El Khoury and his work, join him and David this Wednesday at 7 pm CET via our STRAAT Instagram.


Profile picture Jad: Damien Steck

Picture curtains: Eli Abou Jaoude

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