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Jad El Koury, Care Portal, Beirut, Amsterdam, Lebanese Civil War

Jad El Khoury

(Lebanon, 1988)

Through his public interventions, Jad El Khoury transforms memories of the Lebanese civil war into messages of hope. His main motivation is drawing attention to political and social issues.

The holes in this shutter are a direct consequence of explosions and hails of bullets. Jad invites you to share healing and personal messages with people in war zones on one of the colored post-its. By placing these in the bullet holes the grey shutter slowly becomes a colorful panorama of hope.

The messages in the shutter will eventually be passed on through keywords to street artists in different war zones worldwide. These artists will work with the keywords in their own surroundings and depict the messages in a series of unique artworks.

These new works will be photographed and will return to STRAAT as pictures, to be exhibited in our STRAAT Gallery as a photo exhibition. Part of the proceeds from the pictures will be donated to several NGO’s dedicated to humanitarian aid.

Care Portal is a collaboration between Jad El Khoury, STRAAT and the ME Art Gallery Amsterdam.

Care Portal Beirut
Care Portal Amsterdam
Jad El Khoury Care Portal
Care Portal, Jad El Khoury, STRAAT Amsterdam
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