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STRAAT is in Miami for the SCOPE art show from December 5th - 10th. You can find us at the fair at booth C011, showcasing original work by Bisco Smith and Mando Marie. Aside from being present at the SCOPE art fair, we’re co-rocking the “NOT SO BLACK AND WHITE” mural project with SCOPE on the sands of Miami Beach. The works by artists The London Police, HoxxoH, Pref ID, Bisco Smith, Mando Marie, ELLE, Anthony Garcia Sr., and Valfre are a black and white monochrome highlighted with select, powerful colors. NOT SO BLACK AND WHITE creates a unique platform for artists to showcase their work, engage with a global audience, and participate in important conversations about contemporary social issues.

If you’re in Miami between December 5th - 10th, make sure to stop by!

For more information, visit the SCOPE website.

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