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STRAAT, street artists painting live

Easter Monday opening! Art week @ STRAAT

STRAAT is open on Easter Monday, April 18th, from 10 am till 6 pm. To keep up with the Easter traditions, you can even go on an Easter egg hunt, not just in our museum but also outdoors on the NDSM wharf. Prizes can be won in both cases! The outdoor eggs are filled with STRAAT gift cards, which are good for a free museum visit. The eggs in our museum are filled with all kinds of exciting STRAAT goodies. Keep an eye on our Instagram for the full details. Happy Easter!

tymon de laat, STRAAT

Easter Monday also marks the start of a busy week with several artists visiting our museum to do their thing live. That’s when Tymon de Laat will create a new work for our STRAAT collection. To add another dimension to his visit, we’ll set out some seats and tables for a chat with Tymon, who will be present every day up to and including King’s Day, April 27th.

erwtje83, STRAAT

Erwtje83 will also be painting live in STRAAT on Easter Monday. We are honored that this legendary Dutch graffiti artist, known for his works that focus on the idea of ‘Yard romance’, will add a work to our collection. Don't miss out on this one!

Alex senna, STRAAT

You can expect a third artist at STRAAT from the 19th. Alex Senna also returns to our museum, and he’ll take on the outside walls of our building. This means you can catch this artist doing his thing even on Tuesday the 19th - our museum is closed then -, as the outside walls of our museum are always open for visits. Alex Senna will be in Amsterdam up to and including April 22nd.

Gary Stranger, STRAAT

But wait, there's more! On the weekend of April 23rd and 24th, we also have a very special guest painting at STRAAT: none other than Gary Stranger. These days, this English graffiti legend is also very well known for his recognizable typographic work. Come one, come all! See you at STRAAT!!

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