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Street art legend Lady Aiko creates artwork in STRAAT Museum

Press release, February 21st, 2023 

Internationally renowned street artist Lady Aiko will be working on a new artwork in STRAAT, as part of the exhibition Women in Street Art. Women in Street Art is the first project organized by STRAAT under the sponsorship of ABN AMRO. With this project, STRAAT puts the spotlight on female artists. During the course of the exhibition, artworks by Nina Valkhoff and Dutch graffiti icon Mick La Rock will also be added to the collection.

In the past decades, street art has become one of the biggest art movements. The artform that originally stepped up to bring forward social themes - and currently still is a reflection of what’s happening in the world - has grown to become internationally recognized art.

Making her debut in the Netherlands

This marks the first time that Lady Aiko creates work for a museum in the Netherlands. STRAAT Museum, with its 160+ works of enormous size, is truly one of a kind. On February 22nd and 23rd, Lady Aiko will be painting live in STRAAT.

Lady Aiko (1975, Tokio/NYC) is a legend in the world of street art. Her work is inspired by Japanese woodblock printing, and is seen as innovative and feminine. Lady Aiko is highly influenced by her Japanese identity and her experience as a Japanese woman. Through her street art, she creates visibility for women and girls, and tackles gender inequality and other issues. Aiko likes to make art that is loving and strong. The visual language in her work is often linked to romance, sexuality and promiscuity. Lady Aiko has collaborated with Takashi Murakami and Banksy, and her work has previously been exhibited at MACRO Future Rome (IT), Shanghai MOCA (CH), Brooklyn Museum NY and PS1/MOMA (VS), as well as in other major museums and galleries worldwide.

Female role models

With the presentation Women in Street Art, STRAAT - in collaboration with ABN AMRO - aims to put the spotlight on influential female street artists. The museum hopes to encourage aspiring artists to develop their talent and contribute to equal opportunities for all. STRAAT showcases work by several influential female street artists, including George Rose, Adele Renault, Milu Correch, Gleo, Hera of Herakut, and Judith de Leeuw.

Women in Street Art is on view at STRAAT from February 22nd till May 28th, 2023.

Dutch artist Nina Valkhoff represents the younger generation of female street artists. She incorporates a lot of ecology and plants into her work. In March and April, she will spend three weeks in STRAAT to work on a new artwork. For more information, please keep an eye on

Accelerating together

STRAAT and ABN AMRO believe in a proportional representation of female artists in the collection and join forces in a new partnership. The bank will become STRAAT’s main partner, in order to collectively generate more attention and visibility for female role models, and thereby create gender-equal opportunities in the scene. Women in Street Art is the first project through which ABN AMRO is helping the museum accelerate achieving this goal, both with the exhibition and by offering packages for schools. To make this happen, the organizations also work with WOMEN Inc., the interest group ABN AMRO has been working with since 2021. Using their equal opportunity knowledge and expertise, WOMEN Inc. advises the bank and its cultural partners on how to achieve their goals.

About STRAAT Museum

STRAAT is the museum for street art and graffiti. In an enormous warehouse on the NDSM terrain in Amsterdam, more than 160 gigantic artworks are shown. These were created on-site by international artists. The collection is constantly growing, giving visitors the chance to catch artists painting live.

About ABN AMRO Sponsoring

With ‘Banking for Better, for Generations to come” as its purpose, ABN AMRO uses sponsoring as a way to advance society. The bank takes its social responsibility seriously. This becomes apparent through multiple channels for planet (sustainability) and people (equal opportunities for all). When it comes to sponsoring, ABN AMRO aims to be an accelerating factor by forming the right alliances and setting specific targets when it comes to sustainability and equal opportunities, whether it’s sports, society, or arts and culture.

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