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About NDSM

STRAAT would not have been possible on Museumplein. The museum was founded inside the former engineering workshop of Europe’s once largest shipyard: NDSM. Our heart beats at NDSM and our identity has been forged by what this area is and used to be. 

A permanent feature of our main show is the photographic exhibition “NDSM, our home”, which leads you through the history of the area: from the birth of Europe's leading shipyard in 1946 through the merger of NSM (founded in 1894) and NDM (founded in 1920) to its decline and, eventually, the rebirth of NDSM through the establishment of the artist colony “Kunststad” (Art City) in the 2000s. 

Today NDSM is one of Europe’s most attractive city districts, an urban hotspot where many young professionals aspire to live and work. The most prominent halls, warehouses, hangars, cranes and slipways gained national monument status in 2007 and can still be admired in all their glory. They now form the perfect background for music festivals, performances, artists’ studios, creative businesses, alternative bars and – of course – a great deal of graffiti and street art. The works in our collection are firmly anchored in and inspired by the creative dynamism that surrounds us.  

You can spend the whole day at NDSM

NDSM Amsterdam
NDSM Amsterdam
NDSM Amsterdam

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