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About NDSM

The NDSM terrain, Amsterdam North; what was once Europe’s largest ship wharf, is now a place where raw industrial terrain meets modern architecture. The NDSM wharf has always been a place for makers, and this creativity is still tangible today. It is that rawness, freedom and charming urbanization that led to a museum for street art and graffiti being opened here. Nowhere else in Amsterdam would you find such a mixture of creativity, and street art and graffiti are a big part of this. The outside of our museum is known as Amsterdam’s biggest hall of fame - a place where painting in public is tolerated.

Inspired by the area and its street art and graffiti, the museum opened its door on October 9th, 2020. By bringing street art inside, we confirm the legitimacy of this art form and offer the different styles within the genre a unique stage under one roof. We aim to make a strong contribution to the awareness about street art and graffiti. Allow this magical artform to inspire you when visiting STRAAT, both inside and outside.

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NDSM Amsterdam
NDSM Amsterdam
NDSM Amsterdam

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