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Education at STRAAT

We offer different forms of education at STRAAT. You can organize both guided tours and workshops. Combining a tour and workshop is also an option - and highly encouraged…


  • Tour the STRAAT museum with one of our expert tour guides and learn everything about our STRAAT collection and more;
  • Tour the iconic NDSM street art and graffiti hall of fame and learn more about this unique piece of Amsterdam Noord.


  • Outdoor graffiti workshop: allow your students to discover the beauty of the spray can at the famous NDSM street art and graffiti hall of fame;
  • Indoor stencil art workshop: design, cut and use your very own stencil creation with help from one of our veteran stencil artists.

Tailor-made options

We also offer tailor-made options of both our tours and workshops to cater to your institution’s specific focus. 

To discuss visiting STRAAT with your institute, please contact or drop us a line below.

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