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Dutch and Spanish Kings To Open DUO Exhibition at STRAAT Museum

Amsterdam, April 8th, 2024

King Willem-Alexander and his Spanish counterpart Felipe VI will inaugurate the DUO exhibition at the STRAAT Museum in Amsterdam on Thursday evening, April 18th, 2024, during the closing event of the Spanish royal couple’s state visit to the Netherlands. They will be accompanied by their respective spouses, Queen Máxima and Queen Letizia. The exhibition DUO. Beyond Two Visions: A Spanish Dutch Creative Collaboration showcases ten new murals (each measuring 5 x 3.5 meters) that visually explore the long cultural history of Spain and the Netherlands. These works will be open to the public from April 19th to June 2nd, 2024, at STRAAT.

Ten renowned street artists, five from Spain and five from the Netherlands, will collaborate in teams of two around five cultural themes. Each team consists of one artist from each country, and while working together to address a specific theme, each artist will create their own canvas, showcasing their unique inspirations, techniques, and vision. The five cultural themes are: Artistic Legacies, Historical Trajectories, Architectural Styles, Visions for the Future and Natural Landscapes.

The exhibition highlights the evolution and diversity of each country in the realm of murals and street art, from the pioneering street artists who introduced the world to this art form to those currently reshaping public perception. With DUO, STRAAT doesn’t just celebrate the friendship between Spain and the Netherlands, but also their undeniable connection in the vibrant world of street art.

Participating Artists

Artistic Legacies: Belin x TelmoMiel

Historical Trajectories: Musa 71 x Leon Keer

Architectural Styles: SUSO33 x Mick la Rock

Visions for the Future: Okuda San Miguel x Mr. June

Natural Landscapes: Irene Lopez x Nina Valkhoff

In the week leading up to the opening, the works will be simultaneously created by the artists in a collective creative process.

DUO was conceived by artist SUSO33 in collaboration with Santiago Herrero, the Director of Cultural and Scientific Relations at the Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (AECID). DUO has been carefully curated by SUSO33 and STRAAT's head curator, David Roos.

About STRAAT Museum

STRAAT is the museum for street art and graffiti. In a massive warehouse on the NDSM site in Amsterdam, over 180 gigantic artworks are displayed. These artworks are created on-site by international artists. The collection is regularly expanded, providing visitors with the opportunity to see artists work live.

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