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wandal, the bond between humans and nature, straat museum, amsterdam


(Germany, 1985)

Wandal developed an interest in colors, shapes and creativity at an early age. His youth was influenced by skateboarding and hip hop culture. Fascinated by graffiti, Wandal started his career as an artist with a spray can. After studying art in Munich, he focused on painting and illustration. His works are created with great attention to detail and bear witness to his long exchange with the medium of drawing.

“Are humans nowadays no longer part of nature? Shouldn't we finally realize how special our blue planet is? We invest billions in the exploration of the universe and only a fraction in the research of the oceans. It is scientifically proven that without our oceans, there will be no more oxygen to breathe. Is it really more desirable to find new planets to colonize than to save our own wonderful world?” / Wandal

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