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tony van amsterdam, 36 chambers, straat museum, amsterdam

Tony van Amsterdam

(VS, 1972)

Tony describes 36 chambers as a thousand paintings in one. Everytime the light changes, it turns into a different painting. With the light changing every 8 seconds, there is a lot to see here. This eco-friendly piece of art doubles as a source of light. 36 chambers was added to our collection in late 2022, adding a touch of warmth to the darker winter months.

“I take joy in the idea that my pieces, particularly the backlit work, gives options to the viewer. The composition and colors on the painted surface need to be right in my mind, that’s critical, but having the added experience of what backlighting does to the work is a fantastic surprise for the viewer, and even for me as the artist. I love that moment of ‘turning on’ a fresh piece for the first time, it’s so satisfying.” / Tony van Amsterdam

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