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ox alien, street art, straat, amsterdam, museum


(The Netherlands, 1974)

Ox-Alien started writing graffiti as a teenager in Rotterdam in the mid ‘80s. In 2004, he developed his signature character; the pink alien with an O and X as eyes. His Ox-Alien character has made quite a bit of friends throughout the years, and a lot of them are visible here in Ox-land. In 2015, Ox-Alien was one of the first artists to create a work for our STRAAT collection, which at the time were still painted on market tarp.

“I love making happy pieces with lots of color. This is why kids love my work, but so do adults who are still in touch with their inner child. As is often the case, part of this work is a freestyle, which allows me to stay connected to my inner child.” / Ox-Alien

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