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Mick La rock, straat museum, sunrise, shinano river

Mick La Rock

(The Netherlands, 1970)

Sunrise at the Shinano River is a semi-abstract artwork by Dutch graffiti legend Mick La Rock. In her more contemporary style, she turns to architecture to shape the letters of her graffiti name (Mickey). The building featured in this piece is painted after a photo of a Brutalist gymnasium in Japan. Brutalist architecture was a strong influence on Mick’s work during this period of transition from style writing graffiti to art; in its monolithic shape and rigid lines she can “find her letters”.

“During the development of abstracting my graffiti letters over the years, I recognised similarities between the lines found in Brutalist architecture and the shape of my letters. The letters of my graffiti name can still be read, if one looks for it. Now the content of my work is the abstraction of letters, and then abstracting this concept into something that is almost figurative, like a building. I don’t create my own buildings, I reproduce something that was already built. This is a link to graffiti, because graffiti is also built on something that was already there before.” / Mick La Rock

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