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jaque fragua, straat, mobilize, street art, museum, amsterdam

Jaque Fragua

(US, 1986)

Jaque Fragua is an Indigenous artist, musician, and activist, whose work features visions drawn from traditional Native American design, ceramics, textiles, tattoos, song, dance, and more. Fragua authentically reimagines his culture’s iconography and genius, which conceptually subverts our overconsumption of misappropriated Native American identity. He hails from Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico.

“I’ve used the Mobil icon in my street work for many years as an appropriation of an appropriation. This imagery has been used against us in a way to dehumanize Indigenous Americans. I’m reusing what was used to objectify us, to inspire and leave behind as a proof of our existence. Mobil was here, just like Kilroy was, but a bit more elaborate. I love installing this icon in an outdoor environment and I hope this will work the same in STRAAT.” / Jaque Fragua

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