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Anne Frank, NDSM, Kobra, street art, STRAAT, Amsterdam, portrait

Eduardo Kobra

(Brazil, 1975)

The internationally renowned artist Eduardo Kobra, known for painting the world’s largest street art mural in Rio de Janeiro, is responsible for the 240 m² Anne Frank mural on the NDSM wharf. It was his long-cherished wish to paint an Anne Frank portrait, and Amsterdam is and always will be the ideal place for this.

The portrait, which is titled Let me be myself, points out the importance of fully respecting each and every one’s identity. It’s a continuation of recurring themes for Kobra, such as world peace, interconnectedness and mutual understanding. More than 450 spraycans and 35 liters of lacquer paint were used to realize this artwork.

“To this day, her story makes for deep reflection, while simultaneously inspiring several youngsters through the courage and wisdom of this young woman.” / Eduardo Kobra

Eduardo at work for STRAAT / Photos by Marco Buddingh

STRAAT in the evening time

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